Every couple we work with is unique, and that’s what makes my job so fun; I get to challenge myself getting to know each bride and groom and adapting my performance and setup to their personal taste. Karen & Alex told me one thing; we want our wedding party to be epic.

bride and groom in spotlight on wedding day

They chose to go with our upgraded “club style” lighting and sound package and told me that they wanted their reception to be anything but typical. picture of slc wedding cake with lights on it

To start off the reception right, we made sure the venue looked great. We added our uplighting to the wall behind the stage we were on, programmed our intelligent lighting for a spotlighted entrance and first dance, and used small pinspot lights to highlight the wedding cake and other special details. Karen and Alex chose “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge for their upbeat and high energy bridal party introductions, and they set the tone for the entire night. We slowly worked to bring up the energy and tempo throughout the delicious dinner, and when dancing came around the guests quickly flocked to the dance floor.

utah bride and groom hug mothers after special dance

Our programmed lighting kept the energy on the dance floor high and the atmosphere exciting. Hip hop banger after banger were the soundtrack of the evening. It was a night filled with emotional, intimate, and exciting moments, and the guests were reluctant to leave when we announced the last song of the night. Thanks for letting me party with you Karen and Alex!

Want to see video from this amazing event? Visit our instagram to check out the recap video!

Spotlight grand entrance photo and mothers dance photo courtesy of Haley Nord Photography

open dancefloor in front of salt lake dj     another picture of utah wedding venue with dj equipment     picture of slc wedding venue with dj