For my first post on Provo Bride, I’ve decided to cover a topic that will benefit both brides and DJs alike, and that’s wedding playlist planning. Today, I’ll be writing under the assumption that you have already made the decision to hire a professional to take care of the entertainment and MC duties on your special day. Still on the fence about that one? Make sure to check out this article over on my blog to learn about the tremendous benefits of skipping the iPod for your reception.

So after you’ve interviewed a few DJs, found one that can help you bring your wedding vision to life and whose personality matches yours, it’s time to enter the planning stage. The obvious first item on the priority list will be nailing down the music that is going to pull each special moment together and accent your unique style and theme. From ceremony to cocktails, dinner to dancing, music will play a key role in setting the mood of your reception. So how can you be involved in this important process while at the same time working jointly with your DJ? I’ve highlighted a few essential tips below that will make the this task fun and successful.
1. Know what you want

Sounds self-explanatory, right? There’s a little more to it than you might think. This step requires a little pondering and an assessment of you and your guests’ musical tastes. Before your planning meeting, take the time to think about who will be attending your wedding. Are the guests old, young, or mixed? Conservative or party animals? Also, take a second to think about your favorite songs. Are they danceable? Will many of your guests be familiar with them? It’s much harder for people to work up the confidence to jump on the dancefloor if they have never heard the songs you choose. Make sure you also take the time to think about songs for the key moments at your reception, such as your grand entrance, first dance, and parent dances. No clue where to start? That leads me to my next point…

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Really, don’t! Ask your DJ! After all, they do this every weekend. They’ve heard the wedding and love songs a million times. They know what works and what doesn’t. I personally provide my brides with top requested song charts for each special dance to help when they get stuck. Be open with your DJ about your wants and your concerns. They love when you ask them for help, because they want your event to be successful as much as you do. Which takes me to the last point…

3. Trust your DJ!

Seriously, do it! Because in the end, isn’t this why you hired a professional? If your DJ suggests something like a timeline switch or an optional song, take a moment to think about it; they’ve probably had experience with it. It’s your day, so ultimately all the decisions are up to you, but your DJ is there to be a guide and a helper. Some brides want to choose every single song and micromanage their dancefloor. The only problem with this strategy is that this is most likely a bride’s first wedding, and she has no idea what will work with her guests. A DJs job is to read your guests, predicting their interests and smoothly moving from song to song to keep everyone happy and groovin’. My suggestion? Pick 5 or 10 songs that you REALLY love (and some you hate) and let your DJ know. From there, he or she can work up a set that will keep your dancefloor rocking all night long!

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