Alright, it’s a new year, and that means it’s time to kick it into gear on the blog! I have multiple events that I need to recap, so expect some rapid-fire posts over the next few days! If this is your first time to the site or blog, welcome! Hopefully this blog will be a great resource to those of you who are interested in or curious about exactly what we do here at SLC Mobile DJ.

Today, we are talking about Nick and Ally’s wedding at The Lodge at Traverse Mountain in Lehi UT. This is a venue that is beautiful in it’s own right, and you could pull of a stunning event without doing a thing. But the families pulled out all the stops, and by the end of their decorating the venue felt like a cozy home you would want to spend the night in. We added just a few final touches that brought a personal feel to the wedding, with lavender uplights to match the wedding colors as well as a spotlighted wedding cake and a heart gobo projection on the dance floor. Look at the difference on that cake!

When it came time to dance, the smaller crowd banded together and really got their groove on! Every wedding is different in the demographics and mood of the crowd, and Nick and Ally’s families did not disappoint! This wedding was especially fun for us, not only because we got to use our brand new wedding sound system (trust us, you’ll love it), but because Nick is one of my long time friends since high school. Check out the pictures below, and make sure to check our instagram for a video to come soon!