Most people don’t consider lighting as an essential aspect in the planning of their event. These people are missing out! Lighting can completely transform your venue and the atmosphere of your party, allowing you to dim or turn off harsh overhead lighting and creating ambiance that will fill your guests with emotion. There is nothing that creates more “wow” moments than walking into a room with quality lighting design. Check out some of our lighting services below.


By far the most requested lighting services at weddings across the country. Using top quality LED lighting spotlights, we create columns of light around your venue, matched to your wedding or company colors. These lights run cool to the touch and can achieve thousands of colors.

wedding uplights shining on curtains


Add the ultimate personal touch to your event with a custom monogram (gobo). The custom designed and ordered “stencils” go into our gobo projectors and literally put your name up in lights! Whether it’s your name, wedding date, or company logo, your guests will be blown away.

couple's initials projected on wall above table


You’ve spent all this money on a beautiful cake, don’t let it fade into the background! Our wireless, battery-powered cake and centerpiece spotlights can mounted anywhere and will make your cake POP. Want to highlight your sign-in or card table? Yep, we can do that too.

spotlighted cake versus not spotlighted cake


Sometimes, walls are dark or not even there at all (tent wedding anyone?). So how can you add color and depth to your event? With our bright LED ceiling washes! These powerful color-mixing floods will bathe the ceiling of your venue with beautiful, rich colors (matched to your wedding, of course).

tent filled with colored lighting on ceiling


Not all DJ lighting is tacky; we can create a custom light show that perfectly matches the mood of your party, whether small, elegant, upbeat, or club-style. From simple color changing effect lights to large, computer controlled intelligent lights, we can get your guests on the dance floor.

dj dancing lights projected on dancefloor


The services above are just the tip of the iceberg. We also offer black lighting for glow parties, starry sky effects, spotlighted first dances, haze machines, and more. Each package is unique, so give us a call to learn about all the lighting services we offer, or visit our sister company Salt Lake Event Lighting.

photo of room filled with dj lighting and streamers