Jordan Nelson is the Author of an ever expanding library of guides for the mobile DJ. His first two books that have been released deal with lighting as it specifically applies to the mobile DJ.

book about lighting and lights and programming for mobile djs

In his first title, Jordan covers taking the first steps into the lighting world, which can be confusing for many new DJs or those DJs that have never done more than plug in an effect light. Which type of fixtures should you buy? What kind of light stand should you use? How does DMX work? In this comprehensive guide, Jordan covers topics such as buying your first light show, setting it up, designing unique and eye-catching setups, simple DMX programming, wedding lighting, and more. Whether you are just starting out as a mobile DJ or are a veteran who just hasn’t spent the time to learn about lighting, this book will help your design and create a lighting rig that will set you apart from your competition.


dmx lighting book cover for mobile djs
For many mobile DJs, DMX seems to be an impossibly challenging and complex mountain to climb. In the second book in his series of guides for mobile DJs, the author explains the ins and outs of all things DMX in a way that is simple to understand and easy to implement. Topics such as how DMX works, purchasing DMX lighting, choosing a DMX controller, and creating exciting light shows are covered in language that anyone can comprehend. Don’t worry; this isn’t just another article that only covers how to plug in and address your lighting (although those topics are covered too). It goes beyond simply setting up your lights and provides in-depth, detailed walk-through programming guides for the 2 most popular DJ lighting software programs, MyDMX and ShowXpress. It also covers programming on a hardware lighting console and using MIDI controllers. Last but not least, the author shares his personal programming method and offers ideas and inspiration for you to create your own unique and captivating setups.